SSIS system variable – ExecutionInstanceGUID

ExecutionInstanceGUID is a system variable of type string. If you are exporting this variable to a package management, custom logging or auditing table ensure that you have the correct mapping in your execute SQL task. It is a string variable and not a GUID (the same applies to other variables whose type may not be the same as the value they represent).

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Custom Controls

If you map it as a GUID, it will be incorrectly translated. You will find that when you attempt to query your custom table using the correct GUID from the sysdtslog90 table or the locals window in BIDS, that no records are returned. Instead map it as an NVARCHAR and it will be inserted with the correct value…

Parameter Mapping Tab

Unfortunately the conversion is implicit, and no warning or errors are reported to the developer, so it is quite easy for the incorrect mapping to slip by unnoticed.

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